Located in the heart of Williamsburg, New York City, the 1400 square foot Skillman Music Recording Studio houses a 500 square foot live room equipped with one of the best Steinway B pianos from Steinway Hall in NYC (personally picked by Juilliard professor Veda Kaplinsky) as well as full stage lighting including multiple add-on lighting options. Acoustics are fully treated and can be adjusted to have either a hall effect or even a dampened, dry sound. We have one fully patched and wired 15 square foot iso-booth, of which can be flexibly used as a drum booth, vocal booth or amp room. Our 260 square foot control room is stacked with state-of-the-art equipment and is a listening room acoustically tuned to perfection. We are also one of the fewest studios in NYC that offers our clients indoor parking. Need a breeze of fresh air? Our facility features a 650 square foot private rooftop patio. It’s the perfect place for an artist to relax and gain inspiration whilst recovering! We are also staffed by a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, equipped with years of experience. Our team works with a diverse range of artists stemming from different nations and cultures, along with those who play different genres of music. They are able to instantly recognize an artist’s greatest strengths, while also utilizing their refined musical taste to bring out the best in every track.



  • Carol Wincenc

  • Bomsori Kim

  • Louis Schwizgebel 

  • Philippe Quint

  • Two-Sets Violins

  • Augusta Mckay Lodge

  • Calidore Quartet 

  • Todd Philips

  • Verona Quartet 

  • Ulysses Quartet

  • Brandon Ridenour

  • Perry Goldstein

  • Hyesang Park 

  • John Crawford

  • Fala Chen

  • Will Liverman 

  • Zora Quartet 

  • Richard Lin 

  • Paul Huang 

  • Kim Laskowski 

  • Alan R. Kay 

  • Zuo Zhang 

  • Nancy Allen

  • Nathalie Joachim 

  • Guy Mintus Trio

  • Marcio Garcia 

  • Carl Jackson 

  • omoko Omura

  • ...


pro engineer

Our engineers are musically trained with years of experiences in different genres of recording industry.

top-end facility

Studio is acoustically designed by expert architects and equipped with state-of-the-art gears.

work with any budget

From student to major labels, we work within your budget without diminishing the production quality.