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Mixing Console

Audient 4816 (48 inputs, 8 subgroups, 6 buses)


Studio Monitor

ATC SCM25A PRO Loudspeaker

NS10M, Mixcube, CraneSong Avocet Monitor Controller ADDA.

DAW station and tape machine recorder

Protools 12(ultimate) HDX, Protools 11

Otari MX55N+Dolby Noise Reduction 2 tracks 1/4 inch master tape machine




Mac Pro Quad 32 GB x2 (main+back up)


IMAC 6K 24GB back up recording station

Macbook pro i7 2013 model​

24/7 NAS server across the facility over Gigabyte network transferring speed.


Interface,ADDA Converter

AVID Protools HDX

Lynx Aurora 64CH Dante Network ADDA


Antelope Orion 32+


Microphone Preamplifier 

16 channels Audient on console

Menllania HV3D 8 channels

ATI 8MX2 8 channels

SSL alpha 4CH preamp

Avalon 373

Focuriste ISA428 Mark II

Bae 1073 

Neve Design 511 x2


Outboard Gear

Bricasti M7 Reverb

Dangerous Music summing 2 bus

UAD-2 Octo Core DSP

Warm Audio LA76s x2

Warm Audio LA2As

Warm Audio Pultec EQs x2

DBX Quatum Mastering Finalizer

DBX 266xs

Empirical Lab distressor

Empirical Lab De-esser

DBX 560a Compressor

DBX 530 EQ



DPA 4006A pair

Schoeps Mk2 Omni pair

Schoeps CMC64 Cardioid pair

Neumann U87 x2

Telefunken AR51 x1

AKG 414BLS x2

Earthwork QTC40 matched pair

Neumann 130MT matched pair

Neumann 103 anniversary pair

Neumann 184 matched pair

Royer R101 matched pair

AEA R84 matched pair

Studio Project C4 matched pair

Full Shure Drum mic kit

AKG D112

Shure MD421 II



Steinway B Model Grand Piano

(Selected  from Steinway Hall NYC by Veda Kaplinsky, Chair of Juilliard Piano Department)

Maintained by Hiromi Kanegae and James Carney

DW Performance Series Drum 6 pieces

10,12, 14,16, 24, 14s.

American Fender Stratcaster, Sunburst

American Fender Bass, Black

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Orange Crush CR120H Amp Head

Orange PPC 212 120watts 2x12 Cabinet

Ampeg PF500 Bass Amp head

Ampeg PF210HE Bass Cabinet

Video Equipments

we are also a leading broadcast production company that operates in an independent division. Please see more details on.

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