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Pitch Correction

Correcting pitches for solo instrumental and vocal recordings.

simply send us the recording and we can perform the magic! (can be combined with in-depth editing service)

In Depth Editing

have one or two measures you don't like? couple notes are squeaky? not a problem! we can edit it out as long as we have another take with a good patch. Both video and audio recordings can be edited.


We can further more in-depth treat the recording  to make it sound better! from timbre, balance, dynamic to general loudness can all be adjusted.

Special Effect

We developed proprietary technology and workflow to perform seamless cut in between different takes from the same camera shot in the same angle. We are also capable of erasing or adding real or artificial objects from the video. ex. music stands, sheet music, microphones.


Professional graphic overlay and tilting for visual medias.



need to print your recording to a disc? let us know and we can help you from designing to manufactering!

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