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Ten years ago he made the move to New York to earn a 4.0 from the Institute of Audio Research and begin a recording career. He has interned and assisted at numerous studios throughout the NYC area, most notably Stratosphere Sound, where he has worked with acts ranging from Green Day (drums) to Keith Urban to John Medeski. Gaining experience in R&B, rap, indie/alt rock and audio for film. He then came to The Juilliard School as a staff recording engineer to expand his knowledge further, and continues there to this day. There he has had the pleasure to work with actors, dancers and musicians ranging from Jon Batiste to Barbra Streisand to Itzak Pearlman; as well as the multitudes of students yet to become famous. He has experienced the full gamut of musical genres at Juilliard by adding classical, opera, jazz and new contemporary styles, as well as video and post production, to his repertoire. Here at Skillman Music, he relishes in the opportunity to help you find your sound, no matter what your style, and bring it to the multitudes in a polished, professional and easy manner.

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