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Download and fill up the editing template. Once finished, please email to


We will internally proceed with scheduling the editing session. There is no need for you to attend the session in person.


The edited content will be forwarded to you for your review and approval.


Invoice will be sent to you and final delivery files are prepared.

Video Editing Timeline

In-Depth Editing

Current Turn Around Time

5 Days

$160- Hour

actual hours needed are based on the number of edits. 

Free of charge Titling and Mastering included.

Video Editing Station


Current Turn Around Time

2 Days

$5- per video


Record Mixing


Current Turn Around Time

2 Days

$ 35- per track


Need it sooner?

We strongly recommend following our usual turnaround time. If you find it necessary to expedite the process, please inform us, and we will explore the possibility of accommodating overtime sessions during the night for editing. Please be aware that availability is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. An additional rush fee of $150 will be applied for expedited turnaround.

Contact us for any question!

Skillman Music Office Phone


Thanks for submitting!
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