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Iver Atkins is a multi-disciplinary audio technologist who is highly specialized in 3D audio and psychoacoustics. Iver has extensive experience in audio post-production for TV and film, having edited multiple productions on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. While earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Music Technology at New York University, Iver was the Principal Recording Engineer at James L. Dolan Studio, where he worked with Michael Reisman, Joan LaBarbara, and Julia Wolfe, among others. His Master's thesis on human echolocation was the first of its kind to prove that psychoacoustic testing, using physics based acoustic rendering, is viable within a virtually simulated environment. Before beginning his career as an engineer, Iver was primarily a musician and composer. As a saxophonist Iver has performed in an R&B group at venues such as Texas Rangers Stadium and the Winspear Opera house; as a composer he has been commissioned by the Dallas Black Dance Theater. 

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