Romance, JIazhi Wang, Violin

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A shared experience among classical musicians is the asking of the question, “ what should I be feeling

while listening to classical music, or, why we should still listen to it at all. Even until now, I don’t have

an answer. The simple answer is that there are too many of them. Some people might be seeking an

innate shelter in a piece of placid and serene melody. Some envision a fierce battle or the adventure of

a hero in the spine-tingling crescendos. No matter whose piece you listen to or what style it is, you feel

something. The music is so arousing and so captivating that sometimes you can’t even find a precise

word to describe your feeling other than “connected”.

I want you to feel the same relevance when hearing my performance. With the underscore of love and

beauty, I hope to bring you a pure and romantic journey for both the ears and the mind. No matter if

you’re listening to Daisies, Meditation or Estrelita , in that moment you’re brought back to somewhere

deep in time on the day of a summer solstice, rowing with your love on a rural English lake or wandering

in the pastoral countryside. In another moment you’ve travelled to a jazz bar in a different part of the

country, moving your body along with the illusive melody which overflows from the jazz pianist’s

fingers.When the finale comes, you’re still overwhelmed in this love and joy.

This CD album <Romance>, I truly hope that for whatever you’re reminiscent of, you can experience

it through my violin and my interpretation.

(Pre-Sale will be shipped out in late March, 2017, first 100 records will get signed and a personal thank you note)


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